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Because of new DMARC antispam iniciative, in order to enable reliable and safe communication (email) between student and professor we strongly recommend that you strictly use your UniversityOfLjubljana Digital Identity (UL-ID) for your email address. Student's format of UL-ID is, whereas professor is Your UL-ID is used for username login access to this Students' Information System (VIS).
Please change your email address in VIS in "MY DATA" | "My data" | "Other Data for Contact" | click on "Edit" | go to field "E-mail" where you enter your UL-ID and click on "Save".

It is desirable do the same in our Virtual E-Classroom (Moodle), where you go in "Settings" | "Edit profile" | then enter in third field the correct email address (UL-ID) and click on "Update profile".
Please note that for login into Moodle you need to register and create your own account (username & password). In Moodle you are using UL-ID only for email communication.

If you experienced any kind of problems during of activation of UL-ID and you received the system notification to try again in 30 minutes, and you did not follow that instruction, your UL-ID will still allow you to enter VIS, eduroam and loging to Faculty PCs, but your email was not created and you must repeat the whole process of activation here again. In case you encounter any further problems using your UL email (try it out now !), please contact

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